Development Path

In 1994
Hehui Group was established in Panyu, Guangdong province.
In 1998
Hehui Group established a chemical factory in Foshan city, engaged in coating business.
In 2001
Hehui Group established a headquarters center in Guangzhou, and its business scope radiated to the entire South China region.
In 2005
The Foshan factory of Hehui Group expanded and upgraded, and added 2 automatic production lines. The main business is alkyd resin, acrylic resin, and PE resin.
In 2008
Hehui Group established its second chemical factory, Qingyuan production base in Qingyuan city. Its main business is resin, adhesives, chemical additives and solvents.
In 2011
Hehui Group established the third chemical plant in Yingde city - Runchang South-Star, and main business is water-based resin.
In 2014
Hehui Group established a new headquarters center in Guangzhou - "Hehui Chemical Technology Co., Ltd", established an overseas business department, and started global operations.
In 2018
Qingyuan production base, a subsidiary of Hehui Group , won 7 invention patents and a number of utility model patents, and its products were rated as famous brand products in Guangdong Province.
In 2019 & 2020
Qingyuan production base won the "National High-tech Enterprise" and "Qingyuan Engineering Technology Research and Development Center".