Industry-University-Research Cooperation Center
· Empower R&D Advantages: Build Up An Elite Industry-University-Research Cooperation Center in the Greater Bay Area

Hehui Group is working with outstanding chemical companies in this industry to build an elite industry-university-research cooperation center in the Greater Bay Area, and to jointly research technical solutions with government departments, chemical experts, universities and research institutes, such as water-based coating formulation improvement, environmental protection industry Application of heavy-duty anti-corrosion resin, research and development of new energy electronic glue, etc.

At the same time, the Industry-University-Research Cooperation Center will further practice open innovation, and work with partners to jointly promote the industrialization of scientific research achievements, promote talent training and connect them with enterprises, to realize the implementation of scientific research results and enter the market.

· Innovation Power: Based on the Greater Bay Area

As the “WINDOW” of China's reform and opening up, the Greater Bay Area of the Pearl River Delta is one of Chinese most active regions in the development of chemical industry. With economic development and industrial transfer, most chemical companies have moved their production bases to cities outside the Greater Bay Area. Due to its excellent geographical location and convenient transportation conditions, Guangzhou Panyu District has become the area with the most concentration of chemical enterprise headquarters and R&D centers in the region, and it continues to attract more enterprises to land.

As the Chairman Unit of Guangzhou Panyu Chemical Industry Association, Hehui Group is committed to strengthening exchanges and cooperation in the chemical industry, promoting modern safety production training and consulting services in the chemical industry in accordance with national policies. We will also be committed to exploring new business models, digitalization and e-commerce, and help start-ups under the concept of "Open Innovation" by providing resource docking and technical support.